• Who is Rescue One Lending, Inc.?

      Rescue One Lending is a licensed financial services provider. Our business model is centered around providing lending solutions to consumers that are in need of immediate financial assistance.

    • Is Rescue One Lending a direct lender?

      Yes. Rescue One Lending, Inc. is a licensed consumer lender and offers unsecured personal loans. Please refer to our RATES & TERMS page for additional licensing information.

    • What is an unsecured loan?

      An unsecured loan does not require collateral (property) to secure financing. Rescue One Lending’s personal loans are unsecured.

    • What are loan qualifications?

      Typically, lenders may consider your credit score, employment and tax history, debt-to-income ratio, among other criteria.

    • Are there loan use restrictions?

      Our loans cannot be used for higher education expenses, investments, or illegal activities. For detailed information concerning potential restrictions please contact us directly.

    • Does the application affect my credit score?

      Submitting an inquiry to view the offers and terms available to you requires a hard inquiry being reported to at least one Credit Reporting Agency; the reporting of a hard inquiry may affect your credit score.

    • How much can I can apply for?

      You can apply for any amount between $2600 and $6000

    • How long is the funding process?

      Most borrowers receive their loan funds within 72 hours from the time their loan is approved for funding. Please note weekends and holidays will extend funding times.

    • What if I have a financial hardship and have difficulty paying?

      Please contact us immediately at 888.33.RESCUE (1-888-337-3728) if you are having difficulties making your payment we have solutions to help get you back on track.